We can only imagine what our bodies would look like without bones. This scaffolding provides support, form, and protection to everything around it. The process of repairing and healing broken bones has become fairly standard practice, but more intense bone damage can require more involved techniques. Bone grafting is used to encourage the bone to begin to grow back on its own naturally. LoveJoy Dentistry uses this process to provide a naturally strong restoration.

Bone Grafting for Dental Bone Damage

Dentist using a bone grafting techniqueThe bone around your teeth, alveolar bone, serves to hold the teeth firmly in place. These bone structures are vital to the health of your teeth and the rest of your mouth. LoveJoy Dentistry provides the most trusted option for bone grafting in Lucas, TX, to take on this issue.

The particular height, shape, and density of this specialized bone can be compromised by a variety of issues such as:

  • Gum disease such as Periodontitis
  • The loss or removal of a tooth
  • Forms of physical trauma

If bone shrinks away around your teeth, it never grows back. However, in some cases, bone can be encouraged to fill in with grafting materials. Every situation offers a different scenario, but more options than ever exist to promote bone repair in the jaw.

What Happens During Bone Grafting in Lucas, TX?

For example, when a tooth needs removal, a large hole exists in the bone afterward. While it will fill in naturally, the gums tend to shrink from the site, drawing bone away from the area. In order to stop this, we can simply place bone grafting materials at the time of tooth removal to help preserve the natural bone.

A graft can prove especially beneficial if you would like to consider an implant-supported replacement in the future. These dental implants require a sturdy base of bone to attach to. If your tooth has already been removed from the area being grafted, then our team can attach an implant to root a false tooth to your jaw bone.

More About Bone Grafting

Even previously collapsed areas can often benefit from specialized grafting material, bolstering nearly any part of the jaw bone. It’s important to note: bone destroyed by gum disease usually leaves significant defects around teeth. While some of these areas are grafting candidates, many of them experience irreversible bone loss and compromise the support of the teeth.

Bone grafts can come in both natural and artificial forms. Natural forms of bone grafts typically use a piece of bone from one of your own larger bones such as your hip. It could also come from a donor patient. Artificial bone grafts using a calcium-based material are also an option.

Trust Your Dental Health to LoveJoy Dentistry

Controlling gum disease with your LoveJoy Dentistry team will serve your health much better than corrective surgical grafts. However, we realize that bone grafts can become an unfortunate necessity. Our goal is to provide you with the best in preventative and periodontal therapy services to keep your teeth in top shape. This care can keep your oral hygiene from getting out of control and prevent you from ever needing bone grafting services.

Of course, if you ever do, LoveJoy Dentistry is the dentist you’ll want. Not only do we provide the bone grafting Lucas, TX trusts, we offer dental services for the entire family’s needs. From pediatric services to oral surgery options, we have the dental care you need. Give us a call today at 972.449.7411 to schedule an appointment for you or the whole family.