There is more to your dentist than simply checkups, teeth cleanings, and the occasional cavity filling. In fact, dentists are highly trained in a series of complex procedures that most people don’t end up needing. However, for those who do need it, advanced methods such as oral surgery in Lucas, TX, are available at LoveJoy Dentistry.

More About Oral Surgery in Lucas, TX

Dentists performing oral surgery in Lucas, TXMinor surgical procedures involving your teeth, gums, and jaw bone may be needed to preserve or enhance long-term health. While our philosophy rests on maintaining teeth, each situation deserves consideration of all the factors involved. So when the discussion we have together leads to a surgical correction, our team will take every step necessary to ensure your comfort and safety.

There are a number of reasons that a patient may require oral surgery. Tooth extractions are one of the most common, however. A damaged tooth may need removal if it’s beyond repair. We also understand patients sometimes choose to remove a tooth due to financial limitations. We’ll always work hard to help you find the solution that fits every aspect of your situation. Other cases, such as wisdom teeth removal essentially require the operation.

Regardless, the dentists at LoveJoy Dentistry use the best methods and equipment to provide a quick and painless visit. Fortunately, there are several options when it comes to anxiety-reduction protocols that you may wish to consider as well. Between that option, as well as the latest in dental technology, you can rest assured your oral surgery in Lucas, TX, will be as simple as possible.

What Conditions Require Oral Surgery?

Tooth removal is not the only reason that a patient may require oral surgery. Other minor procedures you elect to go through are always applied with the same compassionate philosophy. Biopsies of suspicious tissue, reshaping of gum defects, or removal of obtrusive bone present scenarios that may involve surgical correction. Other forms of oral surgery also include:

Wisdom teeth removal is a relatively standard dental procedure. However, on occasion, a patient will have an impacted wisdom tooth, one which is well below the gum line. These require more intensive oral surgery. Dental implants are the attachment of a metal anchor to your jaw bone to provide a stable base for a false tooth. In rare cases, extreme dental or jaw deformities can be corrected with oral surgery techniques. Sleep apnea treatment can also require the help of an oral surgeon to remove excess tissue from the back of your throat.

Should you require any of these procedures, our team will determine the best way for you to receive care. On occasion, we may recommend a referral to a trusted specialist. Any time we feel you’ll be served best by a colleague trained in a particular treatment, we won’t hesitate to use the best resources for your care.

Trusted Oral Surgery in Lucas, TX

When it comes to someone operating on an area as sensitive and important as your mouth, don’t leave anything to chance. Do your research and make an informed decision. Your mouth is how you eat, laugh, talk, and so much more. Your oral health is absolutely vital for your day to day functioning. For this reason, your search for the best option should always include looking for oral surgery in Lucas, TX. Call the qualified team at LoveJoy Dentistry today at 972.449.7411. We can take care of your oral surgery needs in less time than you think.