When we consider the options to preserve even a single broken tooth, we use a conservative philosophy in our approach. Fortunately, modern dental materials open doors to rebuild teeth to full strength less invasively than ever before. There are a variety of options to repair, rebuild, or replace a broken tooth. The type of tooth and the severity of damage often determine the proper course of restorative dental treatment.

If a tooth has extensive damage, both internally and externally, but does not require a full replacement yet needs more than a filling, then dental onlay treatment is useful. Onlays not only fill a tooth but also extend to the outer portions to cover one or more cusps of the chewing surface.

About Dental Onlay Treatment

Woman learns about dental onlay treatmentSometimes teeth undergo significant damage due to cavities, heavy bite forces, trauma, or even normal functioning. Many situations can leave teeth in danger of loss if you don’t pursue treatment. Some teeth may need to be fully “capped” with a dental crown, while for some, we can restore functionality to some smaller cracks with an onlay. A crown requires a little more tooth preparation while onlays do not require preparation of the tooth beforehand. We then bond a custom piece of porcelain, like a partial crown, to the damaged area.

Gold is actually a common material for older onlays. Some people who got their dentistry work done decades ago still have these gold onlays. Today, porcelain and enamel colored composite materials allow for a perfect match to the natural shade of your teeth. Though not the most common fix for teeth, dental onlay treatment in Lucas, TX, is still essential.

If your tooth’s damage is past the capabilities of a filling but is still intact enough not to need an entire crown, then an onlay is the ideal in-between treatment.

Why You Need Dental Onlay Treatment in Lucas, TX

Onlays blend seamlessly with the natural enamel and enhance both function and appearance. When the most conservative option fits your treatment plan, your dentist may suggest an onlay for the ideal restoration. If an onlay is not the best option for you, then the LoveJoy Dentistry team offers a full range of restorative procedures including:

Effectively, at LoveJoy Dentistry, your every dental need can be taken care of by the best possible team for dental onlay treatment in Lucas, TX. Through a full range of dentistry services, we can not only restore your teeth but also help you maintain and improve them. We can provide every type of care you may need, including:

Contact LoveJoy Dentistry for Dental Onlay Treatment

The great part about dental onlay treatment is how simple and effective it can be. During your first visit, we take a mold to determine the exact size and shape your onlay will need to be. We then apply a temporary cap until your permanent onlay arrives. During your second visit, our team ensures your onlay is a perfect fit and then bonds it to your tooth for a permanent fix.

If you’re in need of dental work, then don’t delay it any longer. No matter the extent of the damage to your teeth, LoveJoy Dentistry can provide an effective restorative option. Dental onlay treatment in Lucas, TX, is one such option that we are well practiced at. Protect your teeth with a natural looking composite onlay today. Contact LoveJoy Dentistry at 972.449.7411 today to schedule an appointment.