There are several areas of your dental health that you simply can not take care of on your own. Deep cleaning and cavity fillings are an obvious one. However, one thing that people don’t realize is necessary for a full dental check-up is an oral cancer screening. This examination checks your mouth for physical signs of potential cancers or any issues that could lead to it down the road. By staying on top of such problems, your dental care team can flag any potential issues before they get out of hand.

Why You Need an Oral Cancer Screening

Dentist explains the results of an oral cancer screeningEvery time we provide care, we’re observing many different aspects of your overall health. In fact, most people are surprised at the large amount of surface area that lines the mouth. While this lining repairs itself quickly, it is susceptible to changes that may require monitoring or further evaluation.

Oral cancer can afflict anyone although tobacco users put themselves at significantly higher risk than non-users. Chewing tobacco contains up to 3000 different chemicals, including the same compounds used in pesticides and embalming fluid. Cellular changes below the surface aren’t always detectable until they’ve advanced to a critical stage.

However, early detection and treatment of oral cancer significantly increase the chance of a positive outcome. The American Cancer Society reports that about 7,000 deaths result from oral cancer out of 30,000 cases diagnosed annually. If we suspect any unusual changes in your mouth tissue, then we may suggest a biopsy and microscopic analysis by a qualified lab.

Other Dental Issues to Keep Track Of

Many other non-cancerous changes can occur in your mouth’s tissue, from oral warts to autoimmune lesions. Our team of dentists draws from their background in oral pathology to determine if any abnormalities should be removed or simply monitored.

As a side note, we understand tobacco holds powerful addictive powers over many health-conscious people. If you’re determined to quit, we want to be a supportive partner in your efforts. Talk to your hygienist about strategies and resources for kicking the habit. Getting off tobacco could be easier than you imagined.

Services You Can Get From LoveJoy Dentistry

We incorporate an oral cancer screening whenever we examine your general dental health. This means that no matter what you’re in our office for, we will take a look to ensure your dental health isn’t showing signs of more significant issues. In fact, our dental services run the full gamut of needs for your teeth and mouth. No matter what problems you come into the office with we can provide options including:

During any of the above services, we can incorporate an oral cancer screening in Lucas, TX. It will take into account your past health, habits, and family history. All of this ensures that you are at your optimal level of oral health.

Our dental team can help your entire family, from young to old, to get the specific dental treatment they need. So bring your whole family into LoveJoy Dentistry and set them all up with a full exam as well as an oral cancer screening.

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