A healthy smile is highly dependent on what happens between visits to see us. Proper oral care habits can be established by anyone committed to carving a few minutes out each day to make it happen. Like regular exercise, consistency builds on previous efforts to enhance your health. At least two brief sessions of brushing and cleaning between your teeth daily set a foundation for optimum health. Practicing your best dental hygiene at home is the best way to keep your teeth healthy long term.

Maintaining Dental Hygiene at Home

Man and son practicing dental hygiene at homeYour best dental hygiene and oral health is a two-part process. The first involves the work we do when you are in office. Your twice yearly check-ups are integral to avoiding significant issues with your teeth. Your dental hygienist and dentist can see and catch things that you won’t be able to see. Their help is crucial to keep your teeth free from major issues.

On top of this, there is a major at-home component to the best dental care. You need to be committed and focused on your dental health every day. Most of the year, you won’t have dental professionals checking the health of your teeth. Therefore, your daily dental hygiene routine is the most significant contributing factor to your long term dental health.

A proper at home routine includes the following habits:

  • Brushing at least twice daily
  • Brushing after meals if possible
  • Flossing at least once a day
  • Limiting excess sugars

These are just the basics of at-home dental hygiene. If you have unique dental issues, then your at-home care routine could be different or include other steps. Discuss your at-home dental hygiene with your doctor to ensure you’re doing everything necessary to take care of your oral health.

How to Ensure You Get the Best Dental Hygiene at Home

With so many products available to consumers today, your hygienist serves as a personal trainer when it comes to dental home care. We’ll quickly narrow down the endless options and form a plan that fits you. Would a Waterpik make more sense and reach deeper than floss for your condition? Should you use a prescription toothpaste due to high risk from a reduced saliva condition? Many factors fit into a plan that makes your time and effort work for you.

Some patients identified with high risk for dental problems benefit from even more personalized routines. Simple, inexpensive additions can transform the environment of your mouth and dramatically reduce disease activity. For example, Xylitol is a naturally-derived sweetener that can reduce cavity activity in children and adults when used in the right dosages and exposure times. On top of providing advice for dental hygiene at home, we also can provide multiple levels of service, including:

Combining Dental Hygiene at Home with LoveJoy Dentistry Services

Your dental health requires a two-pronged approach to ensure your maximum oral hygiene. We can give you the tools and techniques for your best at home care and set you up with a foundation of healthy teeth to go off of. You’ll leave our offices with newly cleaned teeth and the skills to keep them that way.

If you need to upgrade your at-home dental hygiene, then give LoveJoy Dentistry a call today. We can provide you a full teeth cleaning and send you home with the knowledge you need to maintain the beautiful smile you want. Call us at 972.449.7411 today!