Almost any adult will tell you that your teenage years are some of the most trying and difficult. Social awkwardness and insecurities run rampant during this time. While it eventually improves, having a smile that you are embarrassed by only makes these feelings worse. Confidence is just one benefit of getting the proper teen dentistry services. LoveJoy Dentistry offers a well-respected teen dentist in Lucas, TX. Your teen could leave our family dental office with a smile they are proud of.

The Importance of Teen Dentistry Services in Lucas, TX

Girl smiling thanks to her teen dentistry services in Lucas, TXMaintaining your dental health during your teen years offers another set of challenges. For most parents, this doesn’t come as a big surprise. A dizzying number of changes strike during these formative years, and parents often experience a few frustrations along the way. At this age, teens are engaging in the world around them, hygiene practices can often fall to the wayside.

But teens listen more than we realize, and pestering parents can make a tremendous difference in the dental future of these young adults. Oral home care habits tend to slide, sometimes to the point of complete neglect. Increased independence may lead to eating and drinking habits that harm oral and overall health. Don’t underestimate the encouragement you give, and it’s the ability to help your teen avoid the long-term effects of cavities and gum inflammation.

Preventive visits every six months provide us with an opportunity to coach your teen and reinforce the efforts you’re making with them. Sometimes the rapport we establish in a professional, yet friendly, setting proves especially effective. Plus we can share problems with them through visual aids while reinforcing any positive efforts they’re making.

Recommendations from a Teen Dentist in Lucas, TX

The good news is, the LoveJoy teen dentist in Lucas, TX, has some tips for home efforts that protect your teen’s dental health. For starters, limit sodas and energy drinks. Sugary carbonated drinks are the number one cause of tooth decay in adolescents. Many 20 ounce bottles of soda contain 18 teaspoons of sugar in an extremely acidic liquid. The combination can be devastating for teeth, and teens are known to guzzle these types of beverages.

One of the most critical things teen dentistry services in Lucas, TX, will tell you is to encourage brushing before bedtime. Night hours can be especially harmful as the mouth dries out and bacterial plaque flourishes.

It’s also sometimes necessary to explain the dangers of sharing toothbrushes. Teens love to share everything, even toothbrushes for some reason. In such cases, the bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities can easily transfer from one person to the next through this method. Slip in dental floss or a toothpick with their lunch or backpack.

Options for Teen Dentistry Services

At LoveJoy Dentistry, we offer a complete suite of dental services that allow us to treat you from childhood all the way through the course of your life. For teens, our options include much of the standard dental needs, such as:

Give your teen one of the best gifts of all, a healthy and shining smile. Not only does their good oral hygiene affect the rest of their overall health, but it also supplies them with tons of confidence. Taking care of any dental issues you have with your teen dentist in Lucas, TX, can prevent them from worsening as you become an adult. Call LoveJoy Dentistry today at 972.449.7411 to get the best teen dentistry Lucas, TX can offer.