Digital x-rays are one of the latest upgrades in this form of body imaging dental technology. The technique makes the process of getting x-rays safer, faster, and more accurate. It is a win-win situation for both patients and the dental team at LoveJoy Dentistry. This is why we offer digital dental x-rays in Lucas, TX, at our welcoming family dental office. Learn more about the latest in dental technology we offer our patients.

Learn More about Digital X-Rays

Woman examining digital x-rays in Lucas, TXTo understand the newer digital x-rays in Lucas, TX, then you have to first understand how conventional x-rays work. Prior to digital radiography, conventional x-rays were the only form. Both are forms of low-dose electromagnetic radiation, shot out of a tube. This “ray” that leaves this tube is aligned with a particular part of the patient’s body, which is positioned over a film which is sensitive to these rays. This film is then developed to produce the image you see.

The difference between these and digital x-ray lies in how the radiologist captures the image. Instead of using a film, digital radiography translates the image directly to a digital format. This cuts out the wait time for film development and also requires a lower level of radiation, making the procedure even safer. The digital form of the captured images also allows them to be enhanced with image manipulation software. Essentially, digital sensors capture more detailed x-ray images with a fraction of the traditional exposure.

Technological advancements in x-ray technology provide multiple benefits, from safety to improved treatment outcomes. For this exact reason, digital x-ray technology is the preferred choice of the entire team at LoveJoy Dentistry.

Are Dental X-Rays in Lucas, TX Safe?

We understand it’s frightening to hear the word “radiation” used when discussing x-rays. However, the levels of radiation you are exposed to during the procedure are negligible. Even when a conventional x-ray is used the amount of actual radiation you’re exposed to is incredibly low.

The form of radiation used is naturally occurring and weaker than most other forms. Digital x-rays have only decreased the associated risks. It’s also important to remember that x-rays have saved countless lives, making the minute risk well worth it.

So Why Should You Choose Digital X-Rays in Lucas, TX?

What it comes down to is that dental x-rays taken digitally provide numerous benefits for both the patient and the doctors.


Although traditional dental films require minimal radiation for image development, our digital x-ray system provides unsurpassed safety: up to 90% reduction compared to most older film-based systems.

Time Savings

Images capture and load instantly with a digital sensor lessening the time you spend in the dental chair and increasing your free time.

Better Outcomes

Digital imaging software provides improved image clarity. This, in turn, increases our team’s ability to diagnose and treat conditions. Software tools bring detailed magnification and detection tools into focus and can remove human error.

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