Thanks to modern dental technology, dental care is at its best today. The latest materials, methods, and equipment enable your dentist in Lucas, Texas, to provide the same quality of care someone else receives in New York City or Los Angeles. These technologies make maintaining your natural smile easier than ever, just as you benefit from the latest dental restorations, cosmetic procedures, and preventive treatments.

250 Years of Improved Dental Technology

Dentists utilizing dental technologyIf there is anything to be thankful for, in living today versus 250 years ago when our country began, improved dental technology is one such thing. To illustrate this truth, a famous myth exists about the most well-known founding father of our country, President George Washington. That myth claims that Washington had wooden teeth. While the wooden teeth story is untrue, it is a fact that Washington had significant dental problems.

The image of Washington on our dollar bill actually shows his facial disfigurement from having lost many of his teeth by his twenties. His dentures were made from hippopotamus ivory, other human teeth, and metal. These false teeth caused him significant pain.

This discomfort and disfigurement is a thing of the past, thanks to advances in dental technology. Today’s dental patients in Lucas, TX, and beyond benefit from a wide range of procedures and solutions. Ones that work for the same problems that left President Washington self-conscious and pained. In fact, you do not have to experience pain in the dentist’s chair or as part of everyday life, thanks to technologies like dental implants, fillings, and other restorative dentistry methods.

Modern Imaging Technology

Pain in your mouth usually occurs as a sign of a real problem, like tooth decay or trauma. But you do not have to reach the point of feeling any pain, thanks to modern imaging methods, some of the most critical dental technology. These methods include digital X-rays and intra-oral cameras.

Digital X-rays capture images of your teeth and other oral structures with only minimal exposure of 90 percent less radiation than film-based X-rays. These X-rays use digital sensors for greater safety and improved treatment outcome. These images take less time to capture and also provide greater clarity for enhanced diagnosis and treatment.

Intra-oral cameras are portable X-ray devices that fit into your mouth. These handheld imaging devices resemble a pen and enable your dentist to see real-time images of your teeth and other oral surfaces on a screen while you sit in the dental chair. They also work like a show-and-tell device, in that your dentist can show you the screen images while explaining problems found on your teeth.

Dental Implants

Some of the most significant developments in dental technology are implants. Dental implants provide a lifelong method of replacing missing teeth without the pain or oral hygiene problems people suffered in George Washington’s day. In fact, these devices improve the quality of life even when compared to your parents’ or grandparents’ methods of teeth replacement. No longer do people have to wear uncomfortable dentures or other devices that damage remaining teeth.

Your dentist first determines if dental implants can meet your needs for tooth replacement. If you qualify, your dentist implants a titanium screw into your jawbone. Once this implantation heals, he installs a crown on top of the implant. That crown looks like your surrounding natural teeth and feels natural when you bite and chew.

Instead of having to take your false teeth out at night for cleaning, you brush your teeth, floss, and care for implants in the same way as you perform oral hygiene for your natural teeth. With proper care, your implants last the rest of your lifetime, usually for a period of 25 years or more.

Technology Plays a Major Role in Your Family’s Dental Health

Your dentist can help you understand more about how today’s technology improves your family’s oral health. From modern rechargeable toothbrushes to the latest restorative materials and procedures, technology makes it easier to enjoy a natural smile throughout our lives.

Technology plays a role in all types of dental services. These essential services your family needs include:

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