Modern dentistry offers more options than ever to help you restore and maintain an optimal level of health. Porcelain crowns are one such option. While the strength and beauty of materials continue to advance, the skill of the practitioner makes a significant difference in every outcome. Our team focuses on utilizing the best techniques and dental technologies for comprehensive care, returning even the most damaged mouths to full health. Read on to learn more about how porcelain crowns in Lucas, TX, can change your dental health for the better.

Why People Require Porcelain Crowns

Woman getting her teeth shade matched for porcelain crownsSometimes teeth undergo significant damage due to cavities, heavy bite forces, trauma, or even normal functioning. If a root canal is necessary to salvage a severely compromised nerve, then the tooth may be especially fragile. Many situations can leave teeth in danger of loss without treatment. Porcelain crowns, or caps, cover these teeth to protect them from further harm. The porcelain material also closely mimic natural teeth in color and reflectiveness. Not only are most porcelain crowns indistinguishable from natural teeth, but they’re also extremely secure and comfortable.

Porcelain crowns in Lucas, TX, can repair a single tooth, multiple teeth (including the entire mouth), or work in conjunction with dental implants to fill a space. In fact, when missing teeth enter the equation, we may recommend placing a dental bridge or implants. Essentially porcelain crowns are the best, most realistic way to mimic the look of natural teeth while providing the superior protection necessary for long term health.

One Simple Step

Once your treatment is planned, two appointments are all that’s necessary to leave you with a restored tooth. At the first visit, the teeth are gently prepared to allow space for crafting porcelain crowns over the tooth by a master lab technician. Our team takes very precise measurements of your mouth as well as records other information. Our team then provides all the information to a specialized lab which creates the porcelain crown to the exact specifications.

Before you leave your first appointment, a temporary crown is applied, which allows you to function normally until the permanent crown arrives for placement. The permanent crown typically takes 2-3 weeks for manufacture and delivery.

After hours of custom craftwork in the lab, you’ll return for a second appointment. Your dentist will evaluate the appearance and fit of the crown, before bonding it firmly into place. Minor adjustments to your bite and a final polish leave you with one of the most beautiful restorations in dentistry.

Why Patients Trust Porcelain Crowns in Lucas, TX, From LoveJoy Dentistry

LoveJoy Dentistry, in Lucas, TX, has a stellar reputation among our patients for our friendly staff and expertise. Not only can we make you feel completely welcome and comfortable at our office, but you will feel confident and secure in the treatment you will receive. The Lucas, Texas area knows that we are not just the best option for porcelain crowns. We are also the preferred provider for a range of dental services, including:

The LoveJoy Dentistry team is one of the best teams possible for nearly any tooth or mouth-related need. Expert knowledge, friendly staff, and a suite of dental services all combine to make LoveJoy Dentistry the ideal place to go for porcelain crowns or any dental service you require. Call us today at 972.449.7411 to set up an appointment.