Dr. Rouse Performs Wisdom Tooth Extractions at Lovejoy Dentistry near Allen, Texas

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, reside at the very back of both the upper and lower dental arches. Most people need to have at least one wisdom tooth removed at some point -- for whatever reason, our mouths tend to not be big enough to house these teeth, and they can cause major bite problems or fail to erupt properly. Alex Rouse, DDS, FADI, PA of Lovejoy Dentistry near Allen, Texas provides experienced wisdom tooth extractions.

Wisdom teeth can run into a number of problems. For instance, a tooth could be growing sideways, pushing against the roots of adjoining teeth rather than erupting through the soft tissues. This type of problem could damage your bite, causing teeth that have been straight to become crooked. Sometimes wisdom teeth simply fail to erupt because the mouth is not large enough, or they only partially break through the soft tissue, which can contribute to gum health problems. Even more serious complications, such as cysts and infections, can occur. These are some of the reasons you or your teenager might be in need of a wisdom tooth extraction.

Dr. Rouse will take great care to perform safe and comfortable wisdom tooth extractions in our Lucas dental office. Should you be interested, we offer sedation dentistry to make your wisdom tooth extraction procedure less fear-provoking and more relaxed. Think you or your teenager might be in need of a wisdom tooth extraction? We encourage you to make an appointment for Dr. Rouse to check on the state of you or your teen’s wisdom teeth. Located near Allen, Texas, we serve families from Parker, Fairview, McKinney, Allen, and surrounding North Texas communities.