Let Alex Rouse, DDS, FADI, PA Bring Your Smile Back to Life with Restorative Dental Care from Lovejoy Dentistry

Your oral health is our primary concern. That’s why we offer a wide range of restorative dentistry services to meet virtually any dental problem. Of course, we offer the basics, including fillings and crowns, but we also perform oral surgeries and tooth extractions at our Lucas, Texas dental office. From fixing a cavity to performing a full-mouth reconstruction, we help you discover the power of better oral health at Lovejoy Dentistry.

Metal-Free, Mercury-Free Dentistry

Silver amalgam fillings have traditionally been used to fill in cavities, but these fillings present certain problems. For one thing, they’re metal-colored, meaning they look like dark spots on your teeth. They also tend to be sensitive to temperature changes, meaning that they expand and contract when they get hot or cold. This can create tiny fractures and weaken teeth. And silver amalgam fillings contain trace amounts of mercury, one of the most toxic substances. That’s why Lovejoy Dentistry provides metal free, mercury free composite resin fillings near Allen, Texas. These fillings are tooth colored, blending beautifully with your smile and offering you cosmetic-quality dental restorations – and they’re healthier, too!

These days, dental patients expect strength and support from their restorative dental care, same as they always have, but they also expect beauty. That's why we use metal-free crowns. Metal-free porcelain crowns can fix heavily damaged and broken teeth while restoring your smile to a healthy glow.

Other Restorative Dentistry Services at Lovejoy Dentistry

Our restorative dental care treatments include:

Alex Rouse, DDS, FADI, PA performs tooth extractions including wisdom tooth extractions at our Lucas, Texas dental office, and he offers various forms of sedation dentistry including IV sedation to make the experience easier.

If your smile needs to be restored – if you’re suffering with decay or damage, experience toothaches or pain, or need to have a tooth extracted and replaced – we invite you to make an appointment with Dr. Rouse at Lovejoy Dentistry. Located near Allen, Texas, we happily see patients from McKinney, Allen, Parker, and Fairview.